Fulfilment - Our Standard Services

Are you looking for a simple yet sophisticated fulfilment service that is scalable and easy to manage? Then Packshack is the right partner for you.

Our standard fulfilment services and processes are the product of decades of experience and technology-driven precision. 

One Platform, All Channels – D2C, B2B, FBA & FBM

No matter which channel you use to sell your goods, we will handle all the different order processes for you. You don’t have to commit to one channel or use various Packshack warehouses for your different channels. With our fulfilment software, you can easily allocate your inventory to your different distribution channels in just a few clicks, without having to split it between different warehouses.

D2C Fulfilment

You would like to store your goods with us and ship them straight to your customers from the warehouse? No problem! Simply connect your shop system or marketplaces with our software and start start sending your orders out to your customers in no time.

B2B Fulfilment

Packshack is your 3PL partner when it comes to storing and shipping large order quantities to your B2B partners. You can rely on us to strictly adhere to the exact delivery specifications and the timeframes given to us by your partners.

FBA Fulfilment

We are experts in Amazon FBA Prep and Fulfilment. We meet all of Amazon’s guidelines and requirements for inbounding goods and deliver them to the designated Amazon fulfilment centre within the specified time window. Your seller rating will be protected by us.

FBM Fulfilment

Our Amazon FBM fulfilment solutions ensure that your goods are always shipped directly to your customers in compliance with Amazon guidelines. You remain fully flexible and in control of your delivery and return processes at all times.

Our Processes: Hassle-Free Fulfilment

To offer your customers the best possible shopping experience, short delivery times are essential. To ensure fast, easy and cost-effective fulfilment, you need a reliable 3PL partner.

Our Packshack logistics experts will help you develop optimised warehousing and shipping processes.

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Inbounding has never been easier. Once we have received all your data, you can send your goods to your Packshack warehouse immediately. We take care of your inventory, which you can access online at any time to check your stock levels and track your orders.


We offer our customers competitive storage rates at which both small and large quantities can be stored with us. Each of our warehouses around the world operates according to processes that we have perfected over the last two decades.

Pick & Pack

Our pick and pack services include the combination of different goods for individual orders as well as the use of branded packaging. With our 99.59% picking and packing accuracy rate, you can be sure that the right products will safely reach their destination.


We offer both B2B shipments and D2C order fulfilment. Thanks to our own experience with selling on Amazon, we know exactly what the marketplace requirements are and are thus especially competent in FBA and FBM fulfilment.

Our Other Services

Software Integration

We create your account and link our software to all the platforms you sell on, like Shopify, Magento or Amazon. You can then track all your data and manage all your logistics in your personal dashboard.


You can store your goods at competitive rates in our numerous warehouses across Europe. You can manage your inventory with the software, including replenishments or stock liquidations.

Courier Mapping
From our warehouses in Europe you can ship your products to many surrounding countries at reasonable prices. We will help you with all the red tape related to the import and export of goods.
Returns Management

With Packshack, returns management will never cause you a headache again. We take complete care of your returns, including quality inspection and ensuring proper reintegration into your inventory.

Your Benefits Of Working With Packshack

Flexible Fulfilment

We don’t believe in one size fits all. We offer customised solutions for your fulfilment that are 100% tailored to your individual needs. Our prices are based precisely on you and your requirements.

Software-Driven Processes
Our state-of-the-art fulfillment software can connect to all your store platforms and marketplaces. This allows us to evolve our partnership in line with your expansion strategy.
Cost-Efficient Delivery

Due to the strategic location of our warehouses, your products are always stored in proximity to your customers. The short delivery routes reduce shipping costs for you and your customers down to a minimum.

Smart Carrier Mapping

Our fulfilment network also includes partnerships with the best carriers in each country. Either flexibly choose the preferred carrier for your orders yourself or leave the cost- & performance-optimised carrier mapping to us.

Our state-of-the-art fulfillment software can connect to all your store platforms and marketplaces.
This allows us to evolve our partnership in line with your expansion strategy.

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