Amazon FBA Prep: Our Solutions

Amazon has specific requirements for inbound shipments arriving at their Amazon FBA fulfilment centres. Items must be properly labelled, goods must be stacked correctly and arrive at the right warehouse at exactly the right time.

With our extensive experience in FBA preparation and fulfilment to Amazon warehouses around the world, we are your logistics partner to meet your storage, labelling, packing and shipping requirements.

With our industry-leading fulfilment software, which we can connect to your seller central and over 60 other shop systems and marketplaces free of charge, you can track your stock levels and order activities at all times.

Preparing Your Goods For Amazon: Our Process

Thanks to our own experience with selling on the marketplace, we are absolute experts in Amazon FBA prep and fulfilment.

FBA Prep Services


Once we have integrated your Amazon Seller or Vendor Central and other marketplaces and shop systems with our software, you can easily send your goods to your preferred Packshack warehouse in the country of your choice. When you inbound according to our instructions, the inbounding is free of charge for you.

Quality Inspection

Prior to accepting your goods and placing them onto our shelves, we carry out extensive quality checks according to your instructions. Do you need us to repack items with damaged packaging? No problem. You want to have each carton checked individually? We’ll do it!


We offer different warehouses for different needs, e.g. for hazardous goods, bulky products or products that need to be stored in a specific climate. We handle all products with the utmost care so that they arrive at your customers in perfect condition. You will never be out of stock again: thanks to our software, you can always monitor your stock levels


We pick your goods and pack them according to your specifications. We offer a wide range of standard packaging materials. However, if you have special packaging requirements or want packaging inserts, we can cater for that too. Simply let our sales team know.


Amazon has very strict rules when it comes to receiving goods at their warehouses. Proper labelling of your boxes and pallets is therefore essential, otherwise your inbound shipment will be rejected. We ensure that the correct labels are applied to both your goods and your shipping boxes and pallets.


Amazon gives its sellers very tight time slots for the delivery of goods. We stick to these. With our software, you can track your stock at any time and either replenish it automatically as soon as your stock falls below a certain level or send goods to Amazon manually.

Working with Packshack: Your Benefits

To offer your customers the best possible shopping experience, short delivery times are essential. To ensure fast, easy and cost-effective fulfilment, you need a reliable 3PL partner.

Our Packshack logistics experts will help you develop optimised warehousing and shipping processes.


Get your business off the ground with our fast onboarding process. We guarantee all-inclusive pricing with no hidden fees and flexible contract terms. No matter where you are or what your current fulfilment processes look like – we’ll get you up and running in no time.


Track your inventory levels and order activity across all your sales channels, anywhere in the world, in one single place. Our state-of-the-art fulfilment software has over 250 ERP system online channel integrations, including Amazon, Shopify and wooCommerce.


Use our extensive global warehousing network to ensure fast delivery to any Amazon fulfilment centre and ship to over 200 countries. We operate over 30 warehousing facilities in North America and Europe and can service any Amazon marketplace in these regions.

Other Services

D2C Fulfilment

In addition to Amazon FBA prep and fulfilment, we also offer regular D2C and B2B fulfilment to our clients. You can easily connect your marketplaces and shop platforms with our software and manage your entire fulfilment in one central location.


Your products need special packaging, extra protection or product inserts? We offer a range of standard packaging, but can also cater for individual product and shipping packaging requirements.

Courier Mapping

With us as your fulfilment partner, you automatically gain access to a huge network of the biggest and best courier companies and spend less on shipping by leveraging our Packshack rates. Decide for yourself which courier you would like to use or leave the courier allocation to our team.


Packshack takes care of all your returns. Just tell us what quality criteria you want us to use to inspect, evaluate and, if necessary, repack the returned product and add it back to your stock.

Our state-of-the-art fulfillment software can connect to all your store platforms and marketplaces.
This allows us to evolve our partnership in line with your expansion strategy.