Packshack Partnership Network

We want to simplify your global expansion as much as possible. As a result, we have selected a number of service providers who can offer you all the services that we do not offer as a fulfilment company but that you may need in order to enter a new market. These services include eCommerce & Amazon marketing, translations, compliance checks or quality control.

Please note that you should still do your own due diligence before using any of these services and that Packshack is not liable for the partners listed here.

YLT Translations

YLT Translations provides Amazon product listing creation and optimisation with localised native translations and custom keyword research for each marketplace.


Omnifox is a full service Amazon agency based in Germany, specialising in Amazon account management and advertising for all European Amazon marketplaces.


QIMA provides quality inspections, supplier audits, certification, and lab testing, in 95 countries to help  global brands, retailers, manufacturers, and food growers certify quality.


e-Comas helps brands brands grow across multiple eCommerce marketplaces and retail channels by providing them with various marketing services, including content optimisation and ad management.


Sermondo is a large global network of eCommerce service providers that helps Amazon sellers find any service they need, anywhere in the world.

Margin Business

Margin Business offers Amazon content optimization & localization services for Amazon US, UK, UAE & all European marketplaces.


hellotax offers online VAT Registration & VAT Filings to global brands aiming to expand and a software tool helping them keep track of their VAT thresholds.

Corten Logistics

Corten Logistics is a UK-based freight company that handles a wide range of cargo bound for eCommerce platforms across the world, such as Amazon, eBay & more. 


MerchantSpring is software for multi-channel performance analytics and brand reporting. It covers +75 marketplaces worldwide. Different plans are available for brands and agencies.


ecosistant is a digital consultancy for sustainable e-commerce, CSR and recycling compliance in all European markets and helps you to manage all related bureaucratic requirements.

Compliance Gate

Compliance Gate is a platform that helps you research product compliance requirements in the US & EU. It also provides a library of templates for required product certificates and labels.


kevin. provides eCommerce shops with a flexible end-to-end payments infrastructure accessible via an API, enabling them to accept payments directly from their customers’ banks.


GETIDA is an Amazon FBA data auditing analytics and reimbursement service. The software keeps track of inventory transactions, customer refunds, seller data analytics, and fee reimbursements. 


AVASK offers accounting and tax services to global eCommerce companies looking to scale beyond borders, including international taxation, accountancy, and consultancy services.


Amerge is a global full-service Amazon agency with over 80 years of ex-Amazon experience, with a full proprietary tech stack for reporting and optimization and a detailed free-of-charge audit by our Account Managers.


ZonGuru is an all-in-one Amazon FBA tool suite with over a dozen features designed to help Amazon sellers scale their brands by making the right business decisions using data-centric methods. 


Trivium is an Amazon advertising agency helping Amazon sellers profitably scale ads and create winning strategies on Amazon through strong systems, a sharp team, and no AI, but consistent, hard work.

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