Packshack’s Journey Towards Sustainability

Rob Donald 

Embracing Recycling & Cutting-Edge Technology in Our UK Facility

We are responsible for our actions…

As a responsible business, Packshack is always looking for ways to minimise our impact on the environment. Every company should contribute to a sustainable future. We are proud to share our latest achievements in our UK facility. By embracing recycling, reusing waste materials, leveraging advanced technology, and introducing compostable packaging, we’ve managed to recycle or reuse 98.8% of all packaging and waste material, making our operations greener and more eco-friendly.

Recycling and Reusing 98.8% of Packaging and Waste Material

At Packshack, we understand the importance of reducing waste. We have implemented several measures to ensure we reuse or recycle as much of our packaging and waste materials as possible. Our UK facility has reached an incredible milestone, successfully recycling or reusing 99.5% of all packaging and waste material. This impressive achievement has been made possible through diligent waste sorting, working with recycling partners, and exploring new ways to reuse waste materials.

We segregate our waste materials according to type, ensuring that each material is reused or sent to the appropriate recycling facility. In addition, we have partnered with local recycling companies to provide the proper processing of these materials. By doing so, we minimise our environmental footprint and support local businesses and the community.

Moreover, we have taken steps to reduce our consumption of new packaging materials. For instance, we use recycled cartons for shipping products, significantly reducing the need for single-use packaging. This approach reduces waste and leads to long-term cost savings for our company.

Adopting Electronic Forklifts for a Greener Workplace

Packshack’s commitment to sustainability continues beyond waste management. We have also adopted innovative technologies to reduce our carbon footprint and create a greener workplace. One such example is our use of electronic forklifts within our UK facility.

These electric forklifts are powered by rechargeable batteries, eliminating the need for fossil fuels and significantly reducing CO2 emissions. Not only do these forklifts have a lower environmental impact, but they also generate less noise and air pollution compared to their traditional counterparts. We ensure a healthier work environment for our employees and reduce overall energy consumption.

Introducing Compostable Packaging: A Step Towards Zero Waste

Another critical initiative at our UK facility is the introduction of compostable packaging, such as compostable poly bags. Recognising the growing concern about plastic pollution, we have made it our mission to reduce our reliance on single-use plastics by offering eco-friendly alternatives.

Our compostable plant-based poly bags break down naturally in composting systems within a few months.

By incorporating compostable packaging into our operations, we address our customers’ environmental concerns and stay ahead of the curve regarding industry trends and regulations. This innovative approach demonstrates our commitment to being a leader in sustainable packaging solutions.

Looking Ahead: Packshack’s Commitment to Sustainability

We are proud of our progress in reducing waste and embracing sustainable practices at our UK facility. However, we recognise that there is always room for improvement. Packshack remains committed to exploring new ways to make our operations eco-friendlier. We will continue to invest in innovative technologies and sustainable practices.

As part of our ongoing efforts, we will keep engaging with industry experts, local communities, and environmental organisations to learn and share best practices for sustainable operations. Working together can make a meaningful difference and contribute to a healthier, greener planet for future generations.


Packshack’s dedication to sustainability is evident in our UK facility’s achievements. By recycling or reusing 98.8% of all packaging and waste material, adopting electronic forklifts, and introducing compostable packaging, we have demonstrated our commitment to creating a greener future. As we continue to expand and grow, we will remain steadfast in our efforts to minimise our environmental impact and uphold our responsibility to protect the planet.

Rob Donald

Rob Donald

Rob is a co-founder and the CCO at Packshack. Over the past 14 years, he's mastered e-commerce, logistics, and warehousing while being an unapologetic tech addict. His zest for innovation led him to co-create Packshack, transforming the fast-paced world of e-commerce logistics.

When he's not busy shaking things up in the industry, Rob loves penning down his experiences and thoughts about Packshack and logistics. His engaging writing has even made it into The Guardian, among other industry publications. Rob's dynamic approach makes him a go-to voice for businesses navigating the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.

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