About Packshack

Growing beyond borders – right where your customers are.

Packshack enables brands of all sizes, industries and locations to scale across borders by providing them with a hassle- and headache-free fulfilment experience. We ship your products to +200 countries using our high-quality network of fulfilment centres in the EU, UK, USA and Canada.

By making your customers happy with a smooth delivery, we make you our happy customer. That’s why we ensure that all orders are processed quickly and error-free, from delivery to processing of returns.

Packshack Delivery

By making your customers happy with a smooth delivery,
we make you our happy customer.

That’s why we ensure that all orders are processed quickly and error-free, from delivery to processing of returns.

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Our Story

Packshack was founded in 2020 by an experienced founding team of logistics experts and ex-Amazonians who have witnessed the hurdles and challenges of fulfilment firsthand. Sloppy product handling, constantly delayed delivery times, and shrinking margins due to high logistics costs have long been a major problem for brands, making them increasingly dependent on large eCommerce marketplaces.

As online shoppers have become accustomed to fast and free delivery on platforms like Amazon or eBay, brands face the challenge of meeting their customers’ delivery and return demands without having them eat up their profits. To help brands regain their independence from large marketplaces, the Packshack platform was built, providing them with access to its cost-effective international network of 3PLs.

The Founders

Rob Donald

Supply chain and projects specialist. +15 years of experience in eCommerce logistics.

Sam Yauner

Logistics and supply chain specialist. +15 years of experience in eCommerce logistics.

Simon Lasota

Systems & integrations specialist. +10 years of experience in tech development and eCom solutions.

David Gross

Ex-Amazon brand development specialist. +12 years of experience in brand expansion projects.

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide reliable, scalable, fast, and global fulfilment to any eCommerce brand regardless of their location, size or industry.

Our Vision

The Packshack vision is to build the best tech-driven, human-first fulfilment platform in the world.

Our Philosophy

Logistics involves highly complex processes, which is why we have opted for a tech-driven but human-centric service approach. We leverage the power of proven, industry-leading software that allows you to track all your orders and inventory anytime, anywhere, giving you 100% transparency and control. At the same time, you can count on a close, personal relationship with our dedicated customer success team to take care of all your needs.

We see the people behind the brands we serve. Although we are a tech-driven company, we have adopted a human-first approach. Providing personal assistance and unconditional customer support is our top priority, despite all the useful software processes running in the background.

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For us, human or technological is no either-or. We understand our services as a fusion of human, personal support and modern technological resources.


We don’t present problems, we provide solutions. Our team has seen just about everything that can potentially go wrong in the fulfilment process and knows exactly how to resolve difficult situations.
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We maintain close relationships with our 3PL partners and, if necessary, resolve problems with inbound or outbound deliveries directly on site.

Our Management & Team Members

Not only are our four founders obsessed with making fulfilment easy for everyone, but so is our interdisciplinary team of software engineers, logistics experts, and customer support specialists. 

Our team is our most valuable asset. This is it:

Judy Mehr

Team Lead Account Management

Maggie Carreiro

Team Lead Operations

Connor Whitehouse

Team Lead IT Management

Jon Wood

Head of Product

Interested in joining our amazing team?